70-80mm. Sliding door system

- 70mm. Sliding Door System
- 80mm. Sliding Door System
- 70-80 Profiles and Accesories
- CF System
- MDF Moulding
- Kits (80-70mm. Sliding Door and Tracks kit)

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Catalogue of vinyls


- Photos, Design and Animations to automatize wardrobes.

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Aluminium systems for hanging sliding doors


- Munich System keeps the hanging doors lined up on the same plane for Coplanar Sliding Door System
- Torino System allows to manufacturing of large format closets

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Modular systems


- Domino and Coloma Systems are specially designed to manufacture closets, wardrobe interiors, commercial shelves, bookcases…

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Aluminium hinged door system


- Different models of profiles and accessorizes to make Aluminium hinged Door system for Kitchens
- Kits of Aluminium hinged Door system for kitchen and wardrobes

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Adinor systems catalogue


- A Classic Aluminium system for commercial facilities

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Sanitary cabins system and accessories


- Stainless Steel and Aluminium profiles for Sanitary Cabins

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Folding Door System

- Folding door system
- Sliding folding door system

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